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Were you aware that you could get paid for taking online surveys?

You may have seen surveys advertised on every site under the sun but always thought they were just one big scam! We can imagine that it's easy to think about surveys being one big scam especially with ridiculous offers of £500 per hour from various other websites. Here at free online paid surveys we aim to be the first, the very first honest paid survey directory, that's right no rubbish about how you can become a millionaire overnight taking online surveys, no claims that you will get £500 per hour or hundreds of pounds for each and every one you take.

The Paid Survey Truth

Our aim is to provide you with the truth about UK online paid surveys, the benefits of being a member of each site and importantly when you will be paid, how much you are likely to be paid and how you will receive your payment. Here at free online paid surveys we will give you the definite list of free cash and voucher paying survey sites! If sites reward you with entries into prize draws, we will clearly show you which ones.

Top 10 Highest Paying Market Research Sites

The following are the highest paying market research sites, each one is completely free to join, they pay cash or vouchers for your participation and are quick and easy to join.

Any time you spend on the questionnaires listed here will either reward you with cold hard cash or gift vouchers that you can spend online or on the high street.

It is possible to earn some easy money taking online surveys, simply visit the market research sites on the left or below to start earning extra cash today.

Tip: Sign up with each site below, confirm your e-mail address, fill in the required profile information and you will find that you will soon be earning a few extra quid every month!

Global Test Market
Global Test Market
GlobalTestMarket is one of the most popular market research panels for people in the UK looking to cash in on taking online surveys. You are paid in Market points for your participation, these points are redeemable for cash which is sent to you via cheque once you have accumulated 1000 points. Even though Global Test Market is based in America all cheques are sent in GBP.
Amount per survey: Varies
Minimum cash out amount: 1000 points
Reward: Cash via cheque
Free Surveys
Cash for Surveys Panel
The Cash for Surveys (CFS) Panel is a brand new and exclusive survey site that is powered by market research company, Cint. By joining you will be helping to shape products and services of today and tomorrow. For taking surveys at Free Surveys you will be rewarded with between 50p and £10 cash each. Once you have built up just £8 in your account you can cash out via Paypal.
Amount per survey: 50p - £10
Minimum cash out amount: £8
Reward: Cash via Paypal
Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost UK are part of Survey Sampling International who are one of the largest market research companies in the world. For each and every online survey you complete you will get Opinion Points added into your account. 20 Opinion Points is the equivalent of £1 and you need to accumulate 100 points (£2.50) before you can redeem them for cash using Paypal.
Amount per survey: Varies
Minimum cash out amount: £2.50
Reward: Cash via Paypal
Survey Downline
Survey Downline
Survey Downline is a new and exciting survey panel, owned and operated by Precision Sample, LLC. After registering at Survey Downline you have two ways in which you can earn cash. You can refer friends to the site to earn up to 50% of the revenue they make from your friends and friends of friends taking surveys. You will also be invited to take online surveys to earn an additional 35% of the revenue they make. Once you have £12 in your account you can cash out via Paypal.
Amount per survey: Varies
Minimum cash out amount: £12
Reward: Cash via Paypal
My Survey
MySurvey is one of the World's leading market research companies with over 7 million members around the world. By giving your opinion at the MySurvey panel you will be helping businesses develop many new and existing products and services. For every online survey you take you will be rewarded with between £1 to £5 which is sent to you in cash via Paypal once you have accumulated enough in your account.
Amount per survey: £1 to £5 each
Minimum cash out amount: 345 Points
Reward: Cash via Paypal
There is currently hundreds of thousands of members in the Toluna community from all around the world. This panel is only available to UK members and gives you the chance to take surveys and test free products in return for points. Once you have got enough points in your account you can redeem them for a selection of different gift vouchers from shops including HMV, Amazon, Sainsbury's, Lufthansa Miles or CD WOW. They have recently upgraded their test area so you can now test free products such as iPods and iPhones which are yours to keep once the test has finished.
Amount per survey: Varies
Minimum cash out amount: N/A
Reward: Vouchers / Products
Panelbase is one of the largest and most popular research sites in the country. As well as taking online surveys you can participate in focus groups, telephone interviews, product tests, mobile and postal surveys. For your time you will be rewarded with between 25p and £10 per survey you complete or more depending on the length and complexity of the project. Your earnings will be added to your Panelbase account and paid to you via BACS or Love2Shop vouchers once you have accumulated just £10. For registering today you will get £3 added straight into your account to get you going.
Amount per survey: Up to £50
Minimum cash out amount: £10
Reward: Cash via BACS or Love2Shop vouchers