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The World's Top Free Online Paid Survey Sites Compared and Reviewed

You may have seen paid surveys advertised on every website under the sun but always thought they were just one big scam! We can imagine that it's easy to think about surveys being a scam especially with ridiculous offers popping up of £500 per hour from various other websites. Here at Free Online Paid Surveys, we aim to be the first honest paid survey review site. That's right no rubbish about how you can become a millionaire overnight taking online surveys, no claims that you will get £500 per hour or hundreds of pounds for every one you take. Just decent honest reviews.

The Truth About Paid Surveys

Our aim is to provide you with the real truth about online paid surveys. These truths include all the benefits of being a member (if any) of each survey site. How many survey you are likely to take, plus most importantly how and when you will be paid. We will provide you the definite list of 100% legit free cash and voucher paying survey sites!

Our Survey Site Review and Rating System

We use three basic measurements to review and rate each paid survey site. These will include

Accessibility - Can the website be easily accessed on your Smartphone as well as a standard browser? Does the website have an app that can be downloaded to Android / IOS devices? Do they ask you to duplicate your data numerous times or is most of this done for you?

Worth your time - Is 30 minutes of your life worth the £1 / $1 the site is offering to pay you? Do they use a complex points system that could take years before you reach a payout? We will explore whether these sites are worth your time or just a waste of time.

Privacy - How much personal data do you need to provide to take a short survey worth only £1 / $1? Do they have a full privacy policy on their website that stops them from disclosing your data to third parties? We will severely lower our rating if your personal data is being shared with third parties in order to send a load of spam your way!

Would you like to earn money taking surveys? Find legitimate paid survey sites you can trust.